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Team Member

Team Member

We pride ourselves on having a team
of highly-skilled

AIDEC specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, school management systems, building cloud, infrastructure, network, etc.

Ambrose Yennah

Executive Chairman - Techpreneur

Emmanuel Gbeve

Chief Technology Officer

Amos Kon-Naah

Accounting & Finance Manager

Gloria Alabi

Software Engineer - AIDEC Digital - Ghana.

Christian Kesseh-Darkwah

Systems Administrator

Management Team

Ambrose Yennah

Lead Sponsor - Programming & Monitoring. AIDEC Digital - Ghana

Gloria Alabi

Software Engineering - AIDEC Digital - Ghana.

Emmanuel Gbeve

Technical - Systems, Designs & Applications - AIDEC Digital. Ghana

Katja Gersak

Project Lead. Projects & Marketing, 7W AI Company, Slovenia

Mitja Jermol

AI, Reseach & Development. 7W AI Company, Slovenia

Marko Grobelnik

AI, Research & Innovations - 7W AI Company, Slovenia

Prof Fred Macbagonluri

Technical Advisor - Engineering, Academic City University College. Ghana

Pawan Varyani

Strategy, Policy and Planning, Academic City University College. Ghana

Prasanth Kumar

Policy & Business Development, Academic City University College. Ghana

David Gowu

Technical and Implementation - IIPGH, Ghana.

Faiza Umar Bawah

Technical - AI, ML & DL

Richard Kafui Amanfu

Technical, Applications & HR - IIPGH, Ghana