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Consulting for Trading

AIDEC Digital in collaboration with our consultum partners present to you AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Consulting services and products where group of experience engineers meet apply AI and Machine Learning to your business problems.

Everyone in your organization can make an impact with AI

Manufacturers, Retailers & other businesses created better customer experience with Contact Center AI.

Innovate within your existing workflow

AIDEC Cloud AI, Digital Twin and State Leadership AI Managerial Tool help solve your most important business problems end-to-end with prepackaged solutions. Realize the value of your AI investment sooner, put AI in the hands of those closest to your business, and reduce friction to adoption across your organization.


Managed IT services customized for your industry


Advanced AI

Turn our AI research into your organizationā€™s value with tools like Digital Twin, SLAIMT, Cloud, Cloud Natural Languag

Experts in deployed AI

Our industry-specific AI solutions meet scalable vertical needs; cross-industry solutions like Digital Twin, SLAIMT, and Contact Center AI.
Be the best by incorporating AI into your current agricultural practices, mechanical, health, and contact center technology.

Our experienced experts

Introducing the technical team thatĀ advancing the AI agenda. We are preparing for a time when artificial intelligence will allow people to start working quicker and thereby boost efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

Dobran Bozic

Technical Expert

Emmanuel Gbeve

Technical Expert

Prof Fred Macbagonluri

Technical Expert

Marko Grobelnik

Technical Expert

David Gowu

Technical Expert

Richard Kafui Amanfu

Technical Expert

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