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    To lead in the provision of cutting-edge IT/digital solutions, services and providing exceptional value to our clients, staff, and shareholders.

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    Honesty and integrity
    Transparent and accountable in all our dealings
    Maintain high professional standards
    Quality service and customer satisfaction
    Teamwork and high-performance standards
    Respect and uphold the dignity and confidentiality of our clients.
    Challenge the status quo

    Business Transformation Award 2020

    This was awarded to AIDEC for its innovative ways of transforming businesses along its value chain. This is also to encourage our thrive for driving digitization and digitalization agenda for Ghana and Africa.

    Star Award for Excellence 2019

    The Star Excellence Award is AIDEC's highest recognition for its high-level quality service delivery, performance, customer care, and service. It was also intended to highlight AIDEC's dedication to excellent innovation, leadership, and quality in technology and services.

    Emerging Group of the Year 2018

    This is in recognition of AIDEC's immense contribution to various sectors of the nation's economy with various subsidiaries in the consulting (AIDEC Digital), retail and haulage of petroleum products, consumables, importation and investment management.

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    Reach out to the most dependable IT services on the planet. Our employees know more than they show because they have received official and formal training in IT technology and technical domains. Test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management are some of the services we provide to improve customer experience throughout the product lifecycle.

    Ambrose Yennah

    Executive Chairman - Techpreneur

    Emmanuel Gbeve

    Chief Technology Officer

    Gloria Alabi

    Software Engineer

    Christian Kesseh-Darkwah

    Systems Administrator
    Christian Kesseh-Darkwah is the IT Officer of AIDEC Group. He an experienced IT professional with a history in all different areas of....< a href = "https://aidecdigital.com/christian-kesseh-darkwah/">Read More

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