Traders Could Lose Weekends in Digital Age, BitMexs Hayes Says

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Traders Could Lose Weekends in Digital Age, BitMexs Hayes Says


Dash Text can be used to send the cryptocurrency Dash via SMS. Imagine you’re already in a long position with 100 contracts, you could set another buy order to add 50 contract to your position, because price seems to keep moving up. Then your stop loss order would be to sell 150 contracts in case your second order gets executed. However, in case it didn’t, and your stop loss gets hit, you would then automatically be short 50 contracts.

BitMEX secures OAM registration to operate in Italy – FinanceFeeds

BitMEX secures OAM registration to operate in Italy.

Posted: Wed, 05 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. In addition, the platform narrated that the advanced regulatory policies have contributed to the safer classification of crypto assets. Such a categorization poses the possibility of higher crypto adoption in the next few years. Your ability to comment is currently suspended due to negative user reports. Consequently, the ECB would get the dollars from the FED using the swap line.

BitMEX Releases 2023 Crypto Outlook: Three Scenarios of Crypto

BitMEX’s leverage levels can go as high as 100 times the value, giving the trader a chance of raking in even greater profits when closing a successful trade. However, the catch with leverages is that it can also magnify losses when a trade goes down south. VIP Crypto Arbitrage Software – software for professional crypto traders for cross-exchanges trading . Many people in South Africa are gradually but steadily embracing digital currencies. According to TripleA, a Singapore-based safe crypto payment gateway, approximately 4.2 million South Africans or 7.1 percent of the entire population, presently own bitcoin. With a few local and international shops beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments, more people are keen to buy or trade cryptocurrencies.

  • Therefore, in addition to civil interaction, we expect commenters to offer their opinions succinctly and thoughtfully, but not so repeatedly that others are annoyed or offended.
  • You may need to transfer your Bitcoins to other services in order to withdraw into centralized currency.
  • Trading volume of Coinbase Pro is mid range – however, the broker is far behind the market leaders such as BitMEX or Bitfinex.

At other brokers you can buy Bitcoin and you can just keep them in your account, so there is no need to sell them again if you don’t want to. At BitMEX a long trade , has to get closed at some point , otherwise the position would stay open for ever and your equity would be stuck in this trade. Online reviews about BitMEX are few, as the concept of margin trading is not fully understood. More so, narratives about such can only offer superfluous discussion filled with questions and random discourses. FUTURE CONTRACTS – A deal between traders to either purchase or sell a virtual coin at an agreed price and time. Not only that, BitMEX uses underlying index prices instead of last-traded price to calculate margins.

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But that’s not a problem at, the system calculates the liquidation price for you, so it gets shown in your account interface. At leveraged positions gains are higher than without leverage, but also risk is enhanced during the trade. No matter if you long or short, in both ways you make money if the trade runs well. So when a trade is running you should see your stop loss order being placed on one side of the price line and your take profit order on the oder side until one of them gets executed.

The third step right afterwards is to set a take profit order. So either your stop loss or your take profit order will close the trade. When pressing the buy/long button, you open a position by buying at a certain price with the intention to sell higher, at a target you should have defined in advance within your trade setup. If margin trading appears to be a comprehensive venture, then one can resort to using Bitmex. However, if this presents a rather taxing and confusing activity, it is recommended to go for a simpler exchange. Issues of accessibility are commonly asked in forums, especially those that concern US customers.

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In that case you do long and short trades based on your margin and you can choose as much leverage as you like. Perpetual Contracts trade at the underlying reference index price . So this means nothing else than standard Bitcoin margin trading on BitMEX. With collaborative efforts, BitMEX delivers an optimum solution for margin trading, all while giving traders prime interface and seamless transactions.

BitMEX allows traders to choose their preferred leverage ratio through a function called Leverage Slider. The selection process can also be conducted through manual navigation. DOWNSIDE PROFIT CONTRACTS – This is the counterpart of Upside Profit Contracts in which traders are subject to transact in the downside of virtual coins. UPSIDE PROFIT CONTRACTS – This allows participating in the possible upside of virtual coins. It works through premium payment in which the client is given the privilege to acquire the difference between crypto price and strike price. BitMEX is a highly regarded platform to trade and wraps it up in a neat and professional package.

USD to be backed by Bitcoin as Microstrategy purchases thousands more BTC: Could BTC surge to $30,000 by the end of the week?

Collin is a Bitcoin investor of the early hour and a long-time trader in the crypto and forex market. He’s fascinated by the complex possibilities of blockchain technology and tries to make matter accessible to everyone. His reports focus on developments about the technology for different cryptocurrencies. Many well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash can be sent offline. The offline payment service already has more than 8,000 active users.


The first one they trade in Future Contracts, which are agreements to buy or sell at a speculated price on a specific time in the future. • BitMEX trades can go up to 100 times in terms of leverage. Here’s a summary of what we think when looking into the BitMEX trading platform. This is another reason why BitMEX outlines that the new system has only limited practical use for most users. However, the satellite-based system is perfectly suited for improving the censorship resistance of the Bitcoin network and fending off some forms of “Eclipse attacks”. For the experiment, the Blockstream Satellite Pro Kit was tested with a flat-panel antenna at a price of just under $1,200.

Market order means the order gets filled right away at market price. Since the market price can change in fractions of a second you might not get the exact price you were expecting. Market order makes sense if you want to make sure you get into a position right away, no matter what. Also BitMEX has a liquidation price calculator on the top left-hand corner of the user interface, where you can calculate this price in advance and set your stop loss order accordingly. Adding leverage is something you can do, but at the beginning you should practice without leverage in case you are a margin trading beginner.


With the “Close on Trigger” setting the system only closes open positions and won’t add to them in the other market direction. So if you have 1 BTC in your account you don’t just decide to put 500 USD in a trade. That’s something you can do, but it’s stupid and there is no plan and no professional intention to really make money behind such behavior. On BitMEX you open a position in the direction you think the price will go, in order to gain the price difference as profit in case the trade get successful. You are buying contracts for long or short trades and every trade must be closed at some point .

Position Size For Short Trades:

Although it’s a CFD broker, crypto traders can actually trade real cryptos which means they can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. So BitMEX is not a coin exchange in that sense – it’s a highly professional derivatives broker platform specialized in Bitcoin margin trades. As for the BitMEX trading platform, it offers leveraged trading services for Bitcoin through a highly competitive market environment that mostly cater to more advanced users. BaseFEX is a BTC margin broker that keeps everything simple and managable, so users can focus on good trades without subconscious distractions too complicated trading platforms can cause.

The position size results from your risk amount , the entry and the stop loss. The reason why some brokers use XBT instead of BTC is because there are certain common abbreviations for financial products for broker listings. The X in front refers to the fact that something is not a currency with specific national origin. It’s used in the ISO 4217 codes for metals like XAU , XAG and XPT , for instance.

So adding leverage at the moment you open the position just adds the liquidation price which would otherwise be much further away from your entry, and it will increase your profits. As soon as you’ve found a trade setup in the Bitcoin chart, you can now calculate your position size with those parameters. So you push the sell / short button to open a short position with the intention to buy back lower and keep the price difference as profit in case the trade will be a winner. Although the “normal” trades on BitMEX have no expiry or settlement, you have to close them at some point to get your money. If you are in a lucky trade where price just goes higher and higher for weeks you might not close your long trade during that time, so that would be a case where it stays open for quite a while.

BaseFEX has no KYC policy, there is no section for ID verification in user accounts. In addition, live update features, including notification tabs, real-time consultation outlets, and economic updates, maximize traders’ success in margin trading. These are very crucial as recent financial events and statistics have a direct impact on trading. By providing the features mentioned above, traders are given adequate knowledge, and margin trading can be exercised with ease and convenience. The only method from which clients can carry out inquiries is through email ticket, which is common in the cryptocurrency industry.

The last big benefit we want to mention is the flawless trading engine, we’ve never lived any markable glitches so far. BitMEX comes with some special features making the broker one of the most popular ones due to their liberal policies.

bitmex reviewrs can only execute basic buy and sell orders without the advanced orders traders find on BitMEX. Here is a list of all BTC margin trading brokers we’ve tested. The only trading fees on Overbit are funding fees only occurring for open positions that are held over certain hours each day. Another striking difference to BitMEX is the fact that you cannot trade on Overbit without ID verification. The one who makes the offer on a broker platform is simply the one who’s order was first put into the order book. First you press the buy/long button to open the position; as soon as the order is filled you set your stop loss order.

BitMEX is currently in direct competition to Bitfinex and OKCoin and is deemed by users as worthy alternatives to this type of trading. However, BitMEX does have an array of advantages above its counterparts. For example, in terms of trades, BitMEX’s high leverage, low margin, and small minimum contract amount are much better than the rest. We have created professional tool that allows traders to trade not only on Forex market, but on crypto market as well . For more than 20 years our company has been offering products and services for forex market.

BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner resigns, CFO takes lead – FinanceFeeds

BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner resigns, CFO takes lead.

Posted: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It was created and launched by Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, and Samuel Reed, who were experts in the field of finance, trading, and web development, respectively. Fusion Mediawould like to remind you that the data contained in this website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate. Trading in financial instruments and/or cryptocurrencies involves high risks including the risk of losing some, or all, of your investment amount, and may not be suitable for all investors. Prices of cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and may be affected by external factors such as financial, regulatory or political events. However, as cryptocurrency is neither issued or regulated by a central regulatory authority in South Africa, it is not regarded as a legal currency in the country. But, ongoing acceptance of cryptocurrency among the young population is projected to drive the crypto trading platform market in South Africa.