BitMEX Exchange Reviews, Live Markets, Guides, Bitcoin charts

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BitMEX Exchange Reviews, Live Markets, Guides, Bitcoin charts

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses primarily on derivatives products, which allow users to speculate on the price of cryptos with high leverage. Although it also provides spot markets, the range of supported assets bitmex review is currently small compared to competitors. For traders, the Bitmex crypto exchange features Tradingview integration, providing users with various cryptocurrency indicators, time frames, charting tools, and charting tools.

bitmex exchange review

All BitMEX reviews should mention this as an additional security measure. BitMEX is a popular Bitcoin futures exchange for experienced traders and speculators, offering leveraged positions with Bitcoin up to 100x times. Trading on BitMEX is highly risky and rewarding, so caution should be taken when using the platform. This means that you will trade leveraged positions with coins placed on margin.

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While the BitMEX mobile app doesn’t have all of the exchange’s products and features, it allows users to seamlessly manage their trading positions on the go. Today, BitMEX is trying to shake off its bad reputation and aims to become the world’s largest regulated crypto derivatives exchange. In 2020, BitMEX introduced identity verification for all users, marking the first step in the exchange’s new direction. Operated by HDR Global Trading Limited out of Seychelles, BitMEX quickly established itself as the preferred leveraged trading platform for Bitcoin traders.

bitmex exchange review

25 tradeable cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum , Dogecoin , Solana , and Litecoin , to name a few. On top of its huge trading volumes and 24/7 high-frequency capabilities, BitMEX is best known for its ability to provide leverage at the click of a button. However, it is important to remember that should BitMEX one day cease to exist, you will effectively have no one to turn to. As all BitMEX accounts are anonymous, users can simply obtain a non-US VPN.

He gained professional experience as a PR for a local political party before moving to journalism. Since 2017, he has pivoted his career towards blockchain technology, with principal interest in applications of blockchain technology in politics, business and society. In case you don’t like BitMex, you can leverage trade on eToro, Plus500, Binance, ByBit or Deribit, and PrimeXBT – all legit alternatives to BitMex. Traders can now long or short the GMX token via two new perpetual swap listings.

Cryptocurrencies Available on BitMEX

BTC/USD – Funding is +0.06%As the funding rate is positive (+), this means that those currently long on Bitcoin will need to pay a funding fee of 0.06%. The funding fee is then paid to those that are short on Bitcoin as a rebate. In a nutshell, whether or not you need to pay a funding fee will be dependent on whether you are long or short. This will be determined by market forces, and you’ll know what you are going to pay before the funding round takes place.

In the case of BitMEX, these margin calls are automatic and will either draw on the funds that are in your account or they will liquidate your positions. This will happen whenever your position drops to the level of the maintenance margin. Not only that, please bear in mind that these are snapshots, ie a moment frozen in time. What happens to the funds before and after the snapshots are taken is unclear. Unless audits are done in real-time on an up-to-the-minute basis, one can only rely on the integrity of the exchange. Given what has happened with FTX recently, exchanges are scrambling to prove that client funds are secure, safe, and that the companies are fully solvent.

The testnet is developed for new users who can gain familiarity with the BitMEX trading experience. BitMEX Futures Contract is an agreement that works as a derivative product in trading. This agreement helps traders buy or sell an instrument at a predetermined price. They can specify the time in the future and even get an early settlement.

Therefore, we prefer to stick with the more sophisticated functionalities BitMEX sports the best. Check out our comprehensive reviews on some of the currently best exchanges in the industry. Also, the crypto-to-crypto conversion through this platform is fee-free if you don’t take into account the spread.

bitmex exchange review

Bitmex Demo tradeBelow the Place Order section is the leverage gauge. This defaults to zero, which means if you buy $1000 of cryptocurrency and the price doubles, your holding will be worth $2000. When we used BitMEX, our experts found a mobile app available on Android and iOS. However, you may find that the functionality is reduced compared to the desktop terminal. This is due to the complexity of the web-based platform and advanced charting views. This coin is mostly used by clients who want to take advantage of the lower taker fees offered to holders.

Is BitMEX a Regulated Exchange?

If you expect the BTC price to settle at $10,000 by March 27, you can buy it now for $7,800 and receive the BTC upon expiration. For futures contract trading, you will not be charged funding fees which is an advantage against perpetual swap contracts. BitMEX offers some of the lowest trading fees in the industry, with maker and taker fees starting at just 0.1% and rebates available for high-volume traders.

BitMEX is one of the most popular trading platforms in the crypto space today. The platform offers plenty of trading features to investors, helping them stay successful in the global financial markets. BitMEX also offers 100x leverage – higher than any other cryptocurrency exchange offering bitcoin trading.

  • If you wanted to get more meaningful conversations with the traders then you can join the IRC chats.
  • These services are segmented based on the liquidation price of the crypto assets.
  • It could certainly be argued that BitMex is a high risk for high reward exchange with such highly leveraged products available.
  • BitMEX provides a range of different order types to appeal to a broader audience.

This exchange certainly has a global reputation but is unfortunately unavailable in the US due to regulations. Now unfortunately at this stage, BitMEX currently do not have any notable regulatory licences and do not provide any deposit insurance protection. However, through our extensive BitMEX reviews, we uncovered no BitMEX scams online. We found that the BitMEX mobile app offered all of the same markets as well.

The exchange hasn’t been hacked in the past and the withdrawals are processed by hand once a day for an added layer of security. CME, the world’s largest derivatives exchange, has roughly $22 billion in itssafeguard system. And in extreme situations, the government could issue a bailout to the defaulting institutions, especially when the event threatens economic stability. Deposits and withdrawal fees are free of charge, which is always very pleasing. Once you’re done trading, you shouldn’t be left with any hidden costs .

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Furthermore, they will receive or pay the difference if their prediction is correct or incorrect. Privacy levels are very high on BitMEX because the exchange does not deal in fiat currencies so is not subject to international money laundering regulations. Personal identity does not need to be provided to open a trading account and there are no geographical restrictions on where account holders are based.

BitMEX Futures Contract

Content is for informational purposes and is not investment advice. Knowing that BitMEX deals with some of the most volatile crypto trading instruments and large volumes, this procedure was a prerequisite for its safe and secure functioning. While there is a spot trading market that beginners could use, it doesn’t boast high liquidity.