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Artificial & Business Intelligence

We implement AI to allow BI to benefit from cutting-edge tools like machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing in order to expand the range of the information provided.

eLearning Platforms

In recent years, online education has grown in popularity. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were created for the companies' staff training programs and are now available to users via the eLearning platform Africoursity, which is powered by AIDEC Digital. Africoursity is a learning platform that aims to assist more businesses in providing high-quality, and easily accessible training to their employees.


We’ve overĀ  32 consultants and engineers to help execute your projects

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Be one of the leading African Centre of Excellence, providing IT/Digital Solutions and Training Services to our clients.

To lead in the provision of cutting-edge IT/digital solutions, services and providing exceptional value to our clients, staff, and shareholders.

Core Values
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Transparent and accountable in all our dealings
  • Maintain high professional standards
  • Quality service and customer satisfaction
  • Teamwork and high-performance standards
  • Respect and uphold the dignity and confidentiality of our clients.
  • Challenge the status quo
IT/Digital Consulting Services

Our company provides you with access to an experienced ERP development team made up of product and industry professionals, including QA engineers, AI and data engineers, project managers, business analysts, and IT consultants.

Professional Training Services

Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know best. IT experts and employees across departments need specialized training in IT to carry out their responsibilities and operations. Speak to us for all your professional training services.

State of the art Tech Lab

Our State-of-the-art Tech Lab equipped with modern computers and smartboard is available for institutions, organizations or individuals who are looking for co-training location befitting of specialized training for their clients to use. Under the direction of a subject-matter expert, teams can relate to, learn, discover, explore, create, and build new talents in the best atmosphere.

Business Transformation Award 2020

This was awarded to AIDEC for its innovative ways of transforming businesses along its value chain. This is also to encourage our thrive for driving digitization and digitalization agenda for Ghana and Africa.

Star Award for Excellence 2019

The Star Excellence Award is AIDEC’s highest recognition for its high-level quality service delivery, performance, customer care, and service. It was also intended to highlight AIDEC’s dedication to excellent innovation, leadership, and quality in technology and services.

Emerging Group of the Year 2018

This is in recognition of AIDEC’s immense contribution to various sectors of the nation’s economy with various subsidiaries in the consulting (AIDEC Digital), retail and haulage of petroleum products, consumables, importation and investment management.

Our experienced experts

Reach out to the most dependable IT services on the planet. Our employees know more than they show because they have received official and formal training in IT technology and technical domains. Test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management are some of the services we provide to improve customer experience throughout the product lifecycle.


Proud projectsĀ make us excel

Afrioursity - Free Online Courses

Africosursity eLearning System utilizes technology to make education at all levels accessible, and free for anyone, anywhere ...

AIDECIA ā€“ School Management System

With the aid of AIDECIA, you can efficiently streamline operations, allocate resources more effectively, and cut expenses across your school organization.
Futuristic AI

Afrioursity - Free Online Courses

Africosursity eLearning System utilizes technology to make education at all levels accessible, and free for anyone, anywhere ...
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